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When: 11th of May 2024

Where: Valkenburg, The Netherlands (start & finish location)

Team category: teams of 2, at least one teammember over 18 years of age

minimum age: 12 years

Disciplines: trekking, mountain biking, kayaking & navigation

Course open: 8 hours

Distance: ± 80km

Altimeters: ± 900m
Entree fee: € 175,- for a team

Equipment provided by organisation: Mandatory equipment list

Race maps: 1:10.000 / 1:25.000

Newsletter 1 - RL60 - 2024

Newsletter 2 - RL60 - 2024

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"We want to introduce as many outdoor enthusiasts as possible to the sport of adventure racing! We want to give them the beauty of suffering, the solidarity of persevering together and the pride of reaching the finish line. In short, we want to pass on to them the adventure racing virus!"






Besides the ARWS regional circuit over ±200km, Raid Lowlands wants to offer adventure racing on a smaller scale as well. A shorter distance, no sleepmonsters during the nights, but still the experience of an ARWS adventure race!


In 2024 the RL60 is part of the Dutch Adventure Race Series (DARS) competition. Teams of 2 compete in a great competition throughout the Netherlands and with several races throughout the year for the Dutch Championship. So during the RL60 there are also points to be earned for the DARS competition


During the race there are stages of different distances and all disciplines are raced, like trekking, mountain biking and kayaking. This year we are building the race to be challenging for the seasoned DARS racer and good preparation for the European Championships, but also defiant for the beginning and intermediate adventure racers! You and your team will be​ tested physically in the most beautiful surroundings of southern Limburg during RL60! 


Teams are allowed a maximum of 8 hours to complete the course, after 8 hours the race will be terminated. Certainly the experienced teams will finish the adventure race a bit faster, depending on the race you should think of 6 to 8 hours. The majority of teams will need the full 8 hours to complete the RL60 adventure race. 

Roughly you can assume the following distances per discipline:

  • 100% navigation

  • 60% mountain biking

  • 30% trekking

  • 10% paddling



Enrollment open: 2nd of January 2024

Enrollment closed: 31st of March 2024

Enrollment fees: € 175,- for a team

Race class:

  • Mixed teams

  • Full female teams

  • Full male teams

Don't have a team yet? No problem, send us an email with your details and we'll put you on the list to team up with other Adventure racers! 

Mountain bike rental It is possible to rent a mountain bike from the Shimano Experience Center for Raid Lowlands. High quality mountain bikes, well equipped, fully and hard-tail, with pedals to suit your needs. 

Provided by the organisation:​​

  • Kayaks, peddles and life vests

  • Roadbook and set of orienteering maps






We are honored that you are considering signing up for the RL60 of Raid Lowlands. We can promise you in advance that you will have a day full of adventures!

When you register for the RL60 of Raid Lowlands you also agree to the Raid Lowlands 'Rules of Competition' and the Raid Lowlands 'Disclaimer'. After filling in your details at our website you will have to complete your registration by filling in your teammates details and by paying the enrollment fee to the bank account of Adventure Race Sport Holland within 10 days (which will both be send to your e-mailaddress). 

Start & Finish location

Shimano Experience Center, De Leeuwhof 2, 6301KZ Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Time & Schedule 11th of May

07.15h: Race registration open

08.30h: End of Race registration

08.40h: Welcome & race briefing

09.00h: Biking to start location

09.30h: Start RL60

17.30h: All teams in/ end of race

18.00h: Price ceremony

In the event of cancellation

  • In the event of cancellation of the race by the organisation up to 10 weeks before the race, the full entry fee will be refunded.

  • In the event of cancellation of the race by the organisation within 10 weeks before the race, the organisation will consider the exact costs incurred and the amount of refund. The starting point will be the full refund of the participants. 

  • In the event that a team is unable to participate after registration, the registration can be transferred once to a new team. The organisation of Raid Lowlands must always be informed of this. 

  • In the event that a team is unable to participate after registration and within 10 weeks before the start, no refund is possible.

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